About Us

Hi, our names are Tracy and Lee. We live in a little village 3 miles outside of Durham City where we have plenty of countryside to walk our dogs and close enough to take the dogs along the river next to Durham Cathedral, (pictured below).

Durham Cathedral

Growing up with a Springer means I know dogs can be absolute nutters as well as calm, loving, funny and sometimes a little naughty.

I fell in love with Rottweilers when I was about twelve years old and never looked back, luckily when I met my husband Lee he shared the love, phew!!!

We got our first Rott in January 2006, a little girl called Kale, Rocket followed shortly after and from then on we never looked back.

How to pronounce our kennel name (Trecealy) – Our affix is actually an anagram of the words Tracy and Lee, you pronounce it   TRA-SEE-LEE.

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